How To Use CurlyWorld Products

Welcome CurlyWorld Friends!



As the CurlyWorld brand has been expressly designed by the originator of the Curly Girl Method, Lorraine Massey, all our products follow the original Curly Girl thesis for curly hair care. 

The Curly Girl Method is not a product. CGM is a lifestyle and a way of living with a simple 3-step curly hair routine, using a maximum of 3 to 4 products that must be plant-based, botanically infused, fully water-soluble, and rich in natural emollients that deliver true hydration when coupled with water.

If you’ve ever used the terminology ‘dirty, greasy, gross, or built-up’ to describe your hair before a cleanse, reconsider the type of products you are using. This shouldn’t be your excuse to reach for the sulfate clarifying shampoos because this will only further embed the very substances you are trying to remove, and the cycle will continue.

Your next hair cleanse should NOT be because you feel product build-up, but instead, because you are simply ready for a cleanse or co-wash. Whatever goes into your hair should dissipate and evaporate naturally. The goal is to be on autopilot with your hair — you understand it, accept it, and love it. Anything else is just exhausting.



Step 1 - Cleanse

  • Wet your hair thoroughly and apply Sham-Free® over the hair canopy, allowing it to absorb.
  • Add extra product to your fingertips and apply directly to the scalp and massage well, gently removing dirt residue, sweat or buildup. (Don't worry about tangles yet, you'll get those in the next step.)
  • Rinse.
Sham-Free®  may also be used as a pre-cleanser on dry hair if you have time to do a treatment.


Step 2 - Condition

  • After using Sham-Free® apply a generous palm-full of Terms & Conditions® over hair canopy.
  • Allow product to absorb for a few minutes, then gently comb and glide fingers through to detangle and release knots.
  • Rinse or use as a co-wash or a leave-in for deep moisturizing when your hair needs. 


  If you are looking to help brighten naturally silver or blonde tones, an optional step after, or in place of, using Terms & Conditions® is to apply our special blue, illuminating, and color-protecting conditioner With or Without Hue®. 

  • After cleansing with Sham-Free® and/or Terms & Conditions®, apply a shallow palm-full of With or Without Hue® over entire hair canopy, or directly target brassy, yellow or bl’orange areas.
  • Comb through with fingers, then squeeze and scrunch into the hair and allow to absorb for 2-5 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the blue cascade!


Step 3 - Style

  • After using Sham-Free® and Terms & Conditions®, depending on length, density, and weather, pour a generous amount of Leave in Lover® into the palm of your hand and evenly distribute over the hair canopy and landscape.
  • Either scrunch upward to encourage curl formations or glide fingers downward to elongate curls.
  • Gently shake curls to help them settle into their rightful positions.
  • Using a pair of Pik Me Up™ volumizing hair picks, clips or pins, at the roots, set your curls where they look naturally perfect and do not disturb  until dry — your curl cast is in session.
  • This no-crunch gel can be reapplied to 2nd or 3rd day curls.

 If you have a set of  Pik Me Up™ volumizing hair picks here's how best to use them for maximum effect. 

  • Gently place both piks on either side of the crown, facing each other.
  • Simultaneously insert Pik Me Up™ into your hair and slide over the perimeter of the scalp until they meet. Clasp them together and lock-in.
  • During the drying process lift the hair by evenly rotating Pik Me Up™ around the perimeter of the scalp.
  • Using Pik Me Up™ adds even volume with maximum root lift and a quicker drying process as it releases the wet hair of it's own weight.
  • For a 2nd/3rd day root lift refresh, wet the Pik Me Up™ with water or apply Leave in Lover over the prongs and insert into the roots.